Brooklyn College Writing Across the Curriculum

Approved Writing-Intensive Courses and Majors

Writing-Intensive Courses

  • Africana Studies 79W (an option for students who don’t take a W course in a second major)
  • American Studies: AS 83W (recommended but not required by the major)
  • Anthropology 30.5W
  • Biology 29.1W, 38.1W (latter approved so far by WAC committee Sept. 08)
  • Chemistry 41W
  • CIS 8.3W (same as Eco 80.3W); CIS 12W (same as Philosophy 14.4W)
  • Classics 22W
  • Eco (6): Acctg 14W; Eco/Bus 30.3W; Bus. 80.1W; Bus. 80.2W; Bus. 80.3W (aka CIS 8.3W); Bus. 80.4W; Bus. 80.5W
  • Environmental Studies: 75W
  • Film 10W, 46W
  • Geology: 22W
  • Health: 21W, 73W
  • History 10W
  • Judaic Studies (2); 83.1W; 83.2W
  • Mathematics: 41W (does not require a W course from within the major)
  • Modern Languages: French, Spanish, and Italian 11.12W and Russian 15.50W. Already had Spanish 23.50W.
  • Philosophy 14.4W (same as CIS 12W)
  • Philosophy13.4W Philosophy of Mathematics (?) submitted for spring 2008. Was this approved/
  • Phys. Ed.: 30W
  • Physics: 67.1W
  • Political Science 12W, 14W, and 95W
  • PRLS 32W
  • Psych 57W
  • Sociology: 90W
  • Speech: 75W
  • Theater 40.1W
  • TV/R: 30.5W
  • Women’s Studies 83W

Writing-Intensive Majors

The following majors have been approved as writing intensive by Faculty Council.

  • Art
  • Classics
  • English
  • Music
  • Philosophy
  • Political Science
  • School of Education

Majors pending but have a W course: History – has had 10W approved. Once they have adequate department assessment plans they will probably submit a proposal to be a writing intensive major. Modern Languages submitted proposal, which was approved by WAC subcommittee, but it was withdrawn till general assessment plan is upgraded. Meanwhile, the WAC committee has approved individual courses.


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