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Stealth Pedagogy Workshop – 10/16/09
October 6, 2009, 2:02 am
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Stealth Pedagogy: Encouraging Professors to Adopt WAC Practices

One of our main objectives is to introduce WAC principles and techniques to faculty so that they are incorporated into curricula for the long term. But for many writing fellows, this process of teaching the teachers can be challenging. How do fellows negotiate the delicate matter of offering new practices to seasoned professors? One way is to teach indirectly, through the use of stealth pedagogy. Two Brooklyn College writing fellows will demonstrate some of the strategies we’ve used to promote more fruitful interactions between fellows and faculty. The method of stealth teaching that will be our primary focus is the micro-lesson: a short lesson, developed in response to faculty requests that teach students a specific writing skill. Presenting these lessons in the classroom with the teacher present not only helps the students, it gives the faculty member a model for future and continued use. It requires a special knack to do this in such a way that the students, the teacher, and the fellow are all happy, and all learning, and that’s what we’ll discuss in this workshop. Attendees are encouraged to swap successful experiences and tactics.

Presenters: Siobhan Cooke and Jennifer Russo
Format: Presentation/Workshop, followed by open discussion
90 minutes.


Welcome to the Writing Across the Curriculum Website of Brooklyn College
September 23, 2009, 6:32 pm
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Writing Across the Curriculum is a pedagogical practice that encourages the use of writing in every discipline.

When students write as part of the learning process, they improve not only their writing skills, but their ability to absorb ideas and think critically. Writing affords students a chance to “think through” an idea, as well as a way to express it.

The WAC program at Brooklyn College offers professors tips and tools for incorporating writing into their courses and for dealing with obstacles to student writing.

Writing Fellows are doctoral students and experienced teachers who are part of a CUNY-wide WAC initiative. They assist faculty in finding ways to use writing in their courses.