Brooklyn College Writing Across the Curriculum

Fellows Readings

Fall 2011 Schedule:

1) Michaela Rome, Erin Henriksen, and Tim McCormack, “Negotiation, Collaboration, and Emergent Processes: Graduate Student and Faculty Roles in a College Writing Across the Curriculum Program” – ANNE

2) Toby Fulwiler, “The Argument for Writing Across the Curriculum” & Michael Carter, “Ways of Knowing, Doing, and Writing in the Disciplines” – MICHELLE

3) Ann Raimes, “Errors: Windows into the Mind” & Nancy Sommers, “ Responding to Student Writing.” – MARNIE

4) Paulo Freiere, Chapter 2 from Pedagogy of the Oppressed & Peter Elbow, “The Doubting Game and the Believing Game” – COLETTE

5) bell hooks, “Language” & David Foster Wallace, “Tense Present” – STEFANIA

6) Cheryl C. Smith, “Technologies for Transcending a Focus on Error” – ELI

Bartholomae.Inventing the Uni.1985

Bizzell.Composition Saves World.2009

Carter.Ways of Knowing in the Disc.2007

Elbow.Believing Doubting.1973

Elbow.High Stakes Low Stakes.1997

Fish.What Should Colleges Teach1.2009

Fish.What Should Colleges Teach2.2009

Fish.What Should Colleges Teach3.2009

Freire.Pedagogy of the Oppressed(Ch.2).1970

Fulwiler.Argument for WAC.1986

Fulwiler.Why We Teach Writing.1982

Fulwiler.Writing Back and Forth.1997

Gee.Discourses and Literacies.1996

Hartwell.Grammar, Grammars.1985


Johns.ESL Students and WAC Programs.2001

Kaufer,Young.Writing in the Content Areas.1993

Kutz.From Outsider to Insider.2004

McLeod.Pedagogy of WAC.2000

Perl.Understanding Composing.1980

Raimes.Errors Windows.1991

Rome,Henricksen,McCormack.Negotiation, Collaboration…2003

Rose.Politics of Remediation.1990

Smith.Technologies for Transcending.2008

Sommers.Responding to Student.1982

Thaiss Porter.State of WAC.2010

Thaiss Zawacki.How Our Informants Teach.2006


Wallace.”Errors and Expectations”.1994


Zamel.Strangers in Academia.1995


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