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Faculty and Adjunct Workshops

Spring 2009 Workshops

General WAC Workshops
These workshops are open to all faculty, full-time and part-time.
English Composition Workshops
This workshop series is only open to adjuncts teaching English 1 and 2.

One-day Paid Teaching Workshops
Jan. 29, Feb. 19, Mar. 19, and Apr. 6, 2010

If you have ever wondered how you could more effectively help your students improve their writing, the Brooklyn College Writing Across the Curriculum Program (WAC) has some ideas you might find useful. Full-time and adjunct faculty from every discipline are invited to take part in our paid one-day (four-hour) workshops, to discuss ideas and share practical techniques for using writing in your class, with the goal of improving your students’ writing as well as their comprehension of course content.

You can take any one workshop, or you can take all three if you like. (Although we offer two sections of Workshop I, you can’t repeat it). Two CUNY Writing Fellows (experienced teachers with expertise in WAC practices) will lead the workshops.
I: WRITING ASSIGNMENTS focuses on well-tested WAC strategies: incorporating writing into your syllabus, designing effective writing assignments, breaking large assignments into stages, moving from low stakes writing to more formal writing, and using grading rubrics.
II: THE RESEARCH PAPER explores teaching the research paper (including case studies, lab reports, and analytical essays): how to assign research papers in stages, explain discipline-specific language and conventions, and help students choose viable topics and avoid plagiarism.
III: WRITING TO LEARN focuses on practices that will help you teach content and actually save grading time: student writing using blogs and wikis, peer editing and collaborative learning, and designing assignments (for both large and small classes) that do not require much grading time.

WORKSHOP I: 10:30 – 3:30, Friday, January 29
WORKSHOP I: 10:30 – 3:30, Friday, February 19
WORKSHOP II: 10:30 – 3:30, Friday, March 19
WORKSHOP III: 10:30 – 3:30, Tuesday, April 6
Lunch will be provided. (12:30-1:30)

All faculty members are welcome, but priority will be given to teachers of writing-intensive courses, writing-intensive majors, and lower-tier Core courses. NB: Graduate Teaching Fellows, adjuncts with a full workload (135 teaching hours or 225 non-teaching hours per semester), and full-time faculty who have release time CANNOT be paid. Otherwise, participants who complete a workshop will be paid for four hours at their non-teaching pay rate (60% of hourly teaching rate). Everyone will also receive a copy of John Bean’s Engaging Ideas: The Professor’s Guide to Integrating Writing, Critical Thinking, and Active Learning in the Classroom, an indispensable and practical resource.

TO APPLY FOR A WORKSHOP, please either complete this application form and return it by campus mail to Corey Frost, WAC Co-coordinator (B2420), OR e-mail with the following information: name, department, title (professor, teaching adjunct, GTF, etc.), e-mail address, courses will you be teaching in the spring semester, other courses have you taught, and credit hours will you be teaching in the spring semester (at all CUNY colleges). Finally, please indicate the dates you wish to attend, in order of preference. The application deadline is Jan. 11 for the January workshop and Feb. 1 for the subsequent workshops.


Here is your chance to take a one-shot practicum — for pay and at your convenience — in practical aspects of teaching English 1 or English 2. You will collaborate for two hours with two Writing Fellows, both of whom have extensive experience in teaching English composition and have training in practical approaches to the teaching of writing. The Brooklyn College Writing Fellows are offering these sessions with the collaboration of the English department.

Timing: There will be two rounds of sessions. The first sessions will be held January 25th from 2-4 (English 1) and January 26th from 2-4 (English 2). The second round of sessions will be held February 23rd from 2-4 (English 1) and 4:30-6:30 (English 2). Possible topics for these workshops include: designing the syllabus, creating effective assignments, strategies for responding to papers, preparing for the English 1 final exam, and teaching the research paper. We will try to adapt each session to suit the particular interests and needs of those in attendance.

Payment: Anyone teaching English 1 or 2 is welcome and encouraged to take these mini-practicums, which will be two-hour sessions. You may be compensated for up to two sessions, at your non-teaching adjunct rate (that’s a minimum of $77 per two-hour workshop). Graduate Teaching Fellows cannot be compensated, and adjuncts cannot be compensated if they are already teaching the maximum number of hours for an adjunct at CUNY. Please note that for the January workshops, you can get paid only if you are teaching in the fall (as these days still count as part of the fall semester). Also, you cannot repeat a workshop that you have already taken before.

Signing up: If you are interested please contact Tahneer Oksman,, by December 15, 2009.


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